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We live in a time where a mobile-friendly website is not just enough for your business to grow unabated. Smartphones and social media are an integral part of our daily lives. So whether you own a small business or a big one, you will need a specific mobile application to showcase your services, skills, offers, discounts or send notifications to your users/customers. At Expert Global It Solution, we offer the best mobile app development services to reinforce your brand image as well as engage your customers and build loyalty.

Why Choose EGIS Mobile App Development Company?

1 - We specialize in all forms of mobile application development. Starting from Android app development, to iOS to the Windows mobile application development, we have got it all covered for you.

2 - Since most of the mobile devices at present are based on Android platform, the Android applications are more popular and more accessible. We can also offer you our experienced and professional app developers for Blackberry devices and Tizen platform. We won’t let any of your users miss out the services you are offering.

3 - At EGIS, we have talented and experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge in their own domains. Our professionals are experienced in all mobile app development platforms like JAVA, C++, Swift, DotNet, Python and much more.

4 - If you are looking for cross platform or hybrid mobile apps, trust us to deliver. We have Cordova and Ionic framework to cater to successful cross platform support.

One of the highlights of availing our services is we are punctual and deliver right in time. You can avail us 24*7 for 365 days of the year for all support and troubleshooting. We stand tall among the best mobile app development companies with a track record of creating beautiful, robust, agile and user-friendly apps for Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Our mobile app developers have experience in developing performance intensive apps with cloud web services. Let us know what kind of app you want us to build and we can get started.

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iPhone App Development

EGIS offers the best iPhone app development services for all SMEs. We focus on creating quality and feature-rich iPhone applications depending on the needs of your customers. We make use of advanced framework for developing multifarious iPhone apps and games which will promote your business and enhance the different imperative skills. We have got experts in financial and e-commerce mobile app development who can help design the most user-friendly apps that attract traffic. Our experienced coders create codes in XCODE IDE which comes with a code editor and a GUI to get the perfect code development environment. The iOS apps we develop are tested multiple times to make sure the final product is completely free of any technical glitch.

iPad App Development

EGIS has the complete expertise in all forms of iPad app development and custom mobile application/games development. Our concept development process comes with detailed research and analysis for target users. We make use of API documentations, sample codes, extensive libraries and debuggers. We focus on iPad app security too using SQLite Database, Cocoa, Objective C, Java Programming Language, Cocos builder, Trace/view testing and Gimp based application development. We have a series of iOS API’s for the applications which includes location based services, iOS Media APIs, Wi-Fi APIs and much more.

Android App Development

Android is one of the fastest developing smartphone operating systems available. We specialize in varieties of Android applications, starting from Finance, business, security, gaming, e-commerce, healthcare, hospitality, travels and much more. We can create Native Android apps, offer complete transparency, perfectly timed delivery and flexible client management models. We have talented app developers with in-depth knowledge in their domains. Our team comprises of professionals who are experts in C++, Swift, .Net, and Python. They will offer you the best and most secured android applications that perform well on all Android handsets. We will also support you in developing hybrid applications in Cordova and ionic framework which will offer you cross platform support.

HTML5 App Development

In the last few years HTML has evolved a lot. It is one of the most powerful markup languages which is backed up by the JavaScript and CSS. You can use it for creating visually stunning and interactive applications and websites. We create stunning HTML5 applications by combining canvas, drawings, videos and photos. We make sure to incorporate Google Maps and geo location too in the apps we develop. We create all forms of applications with PHP, CMS, Java, and .Net. With HTML5, your app will have both 2D and improved 3D effects to mesmerize audiences. There are a number of layouts available because of CSS3 and jQuery which we can take advantage of to craft quality HTML5 apps.

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